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Treasure Ju Lemon Torta [Miracle Lemon]

Treasure Ju Lemon Torta [Miracle Lemon]

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“Miracle Lemon” made in Japan, pesticide-free
Bashaoju lemon torta

Takara Shoju Lemon was created over 25 years on Osaki Shimojima (Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture) in the Seto Inland Sea by producer Shoichi Kimoto's warm personality and love and passion for lemons. When you take a bite, the excitement spreads throughout your mouth.
Using plenty of mildly sour fruit juice and non-bitter skin, it is carefully baked with the richness of homemade fermented and dried lemon and Sicilian almond powder.

What is Hoshoju lemon?
"Miracle Lemon" born on a small island in the Seto Inland Sea.
Rare Ochoho Shoju lemon grown completely without pesticides by Shoichi Kimoto, a producer in Hiroshima Prefecture.
This miraculous lemon was created over a period of 25 years against the backdrop of the gentle climate of Osaki Shimojima in the Seto Inland Sea.
Enjoy the rich aroma and taste of premium lemon, which is rarely available on the market.
Because no pesticides are used, this lemon can be enjoyed whole, including the skin.

・Hoshoju lemon torta (approx. 250g 17cm x 6cm x height approx. 5cm)
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