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  • Napre Minami Aoyama Main Store

    Napule, a wood-fired pizza company, was born here in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. There was a time when pizza baked in a wood-fired oven was still rare.
    Enjoy freshly baked, charred and fragrant pizza, food and wine in the friendly atmosphere of a trattoria in Naples, Italy, the land of slow food.

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  • Napre Tokyo Midtown store

    Tokyo Midtown is located in the heart of the city, yet surrounded by greenery.
    Napule, located on the garden terrace, has an attractive terrace that overhangs the greenery. Enjoy delicious food and wine at this place, which is also famous for its cherry blossoms. At dinner time, you can enjoy the special night view of Tokyo.

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  • Napre Yokohama Takashimaya store

    Takashimaya has long been loved by people visiting Yokohama. Napule is located on the 8th floor of Rose Dining. The interior of the restaurant has an intimate atmosphere, with tables arranged in a fan shape, centered around counter seats surrounding a wood-fired oven. Private rooms are also available.

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  • Napre Kyoto Gion store

    It is a place packed with traditional long-established stores unique to Kyoto as well as cutting-edge shops loved by Kyoto people who love new things.
    Cherry blossoms in spring, Gion Festival in summer, and autumn leaves in autumn... You can enjoy your meal while getting up close to Kyoto's annual events.

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  • Etruski

    While respecting Italy's long-loved culinary traditions, it is a free and original Italian cuisine that carefully uses the blessings of nature such as vegetables, meat, and fish. Each dish expresses the trinity of ingredients, taste, and preparation.

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  • Gion Bitora,

    These are the five basic principles of "Gion Bitora", which designs dishes with the hearts of the customers in front of them in mind.We offer the finest dishes in a beautiful space where a sense of fun gathers in a superb space where delicious flavors come together. Please spend a moment that pleases all five senses.

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