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[15 years aged] Balsamic di Modena Due Vittoria (250ml)

[15 years aged] Balsamic di Modena Due Vittoria (250ml)

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Aged for 15 years

Rich and flavorful balsamic

Can be used as is over meat, etc.

Due Vittoria's Balsamic di Modena.

Made with high-quality grapes from Emilia Romagna and aged in oak barrels for a long period of time, this balsamic has a wonderful balance of sweetness and acidity.

There are no added colorants (caramel color), preservatives, or sulfites that are often used in cheap balsamic products. The natural grape sweetness, round acidity, and natural viscosity that only this long-aged balsamic has makes it a masterpiece that you must try.

*Cannot be bundled with frozen products, delivered at room temperature

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